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Chris Kenyon /
Director of Sales, Education

Thomas Dougherty / 
Senior RFP Manager

Services Offered:

  • Post-Production Captioning and Transcription

Fee Structure:

Audio/Video TranscriptionConvert audio/video into text; 5 hour TAT; 99% accuracy$1.50/min
Automated Transcription (This was not part of the RFP but is included in the signed agreement.)AI-generated transcripts; 5 minute TAT; 90% accuracy$0.25/min
Closed Captions (English)On-screen English subtitles for videos; 5 hour TAT; 99% accuracy; FCC & ADA compliant$1.50/min
Global Translated SubtitlesOn-screen translated subtitles for videos; 48 hour TAT; 99% accuracy; 15 global languages$5.00-$12.00 per min

Standard Website Pricing:

Standard Website Pricing is provided to customers who go to and order, not for entities that are under the VHEPC Contract #UVA-AGR-2210 and submit an order form.

Payment OptionsPrice for Captions + Transcription
Credit Card$1.50 per min
Monthly invoicing$1.50 per min

Discounted Rates:

To receive a discounted rate, an order form will need to be signed indicating VHEPC Contract #UVA-AGR-2210, account number, and billing information.

Rev for Business – Usage based billing / discounted rates

Payment Term: Monthly Billing In Arrears (Non-Committed – volume based on forecasted spend)

Annual Volume ($)Rate per minuteDiscount (% off)

Rev for Business – Committed* annual volume based billing / discounted rates

Payment Term: Billing in advance (Committed – Upfront, bi-annual, quarterly, or monthly)

*It is not standard practice for a state entity to prepay for services. Additional permissions may be needed from your school/district, institution, or agency.

Volume ($)MonthlyQuarterlyBi-AnnualUpfront
5K-10K$1.47 / min$1.46 / min$1.43 / min$1.39 / min
11K-25K$1.46 / min$1.43 / min$1.39 / min$1.35 / min
26K-100K$1.43 / min$1.39 / min$1.35 / min$1.28 / min
100K+$1.39 / min$1.35 / min$1.28 / min$1.20 / min

More Information:

Rev Captioning Style Guide opens an external link in a new tab’s standards and practices include:

Characters per line: Each caption group is limited to 60 characters and then the character per line limit is set depending on how many lines are allowed by the delivery format (2 to 3 lines).

Words per minute rate: WPM is default set at 120; there are exceptions where this can be increased when necessary to maintain meaning and context from the video in the captions.

Speakers: Speaker settings can be changed at the account level for various formatting needs at no extra cost or delay in delivery. This is our default offering: A change in speaker is always indicated with a dash, “-”. When it is not visually apparent who is speaking the dash will be accompanied by a name or descriptor with brackets. “[Susan]” or “[Children]”. Each time a new speaker is introduced a new line is created.

Caption grouping: Captions are split into individual caption groups such that whole phrases, nouns, sentences, and flow of dialogue is interrupted as minimally as possible, while abiding by the 60 character limit. Examples of when we split captions: long pauses, terminal punctuation, change in speaker, at conjunctions and prepositions.

Caption duration: Captions are always longer than 1 sec. and less than 5 sec.

Additional Information and FAQ

Demonstration and Information Session: Jan 19, 2023

UVA IT Security Review: Low Risk from an Information Security perspective for use with Highly Sensitive Data. Additional sign-off is not required.

Rev Agreement Effective November 11, 2022