Ai-Media – Additional Information/ FAQs

If we have an existing contract with you, how do we switch to the new agreement?

We can be very flexible. If there is an existing contract, we can continue with that contract until it’s expiration, or we can move immediately to the new contract.

Describe the conformance of your online portal/website with Section 508 or WCAG 2.1.

Ai-Media, as a global leader for accessibility solutions, endeavors for continuous improvement and advancements in both technology and service delivery. Our clients and consumers are always front and center of our focus to deliver equity to all. Ai-Media’s Live Booking Portal was developed to meet the WCAG standard and there’s been a substantial amount of third-party vetting. WCAG does not have an official certification program and there is no central organization for this. As with all Ai-Media products and services, user experience feedback is always welcome. Should you have difficulty accessing any of the information or portal access, please contact your account manager. 

Do you accept both credit card and purchase order payments?

Yes, we accept both purchase orders and credit cards. 

How do we set up accounts – both centralized and decentralized?

Accounts are usually set up and separated based on the billing entity.  We can do both centralized and decentralized accounts. We do have the option for single sign on (SSO). 

We are flexible in our account creation and can accommodate the administrative workflow you require. 

Keep in mind we have separate portals for live caption and post-production services. An account can be with one or both services and billed separately or together. 

How do we schedule work for live captioning?

All scheduling can be done through our Live Booking Portal. Please reach out to your account manager for portal access and user guide. The Live Booking Portal allows for full scheduling with editing features, job history, and more! 

Which video-conference platforms do you integrate with (i.e. Zoom, Teams, etc.)?

Ai-Media has the ability to integrate with many platforms, such as Zoom, Teams, WebEx, YouTube, Adobe, Vimeo, and Hopin to name a few. If a platform doesn’t allow for integrated captions, we can provide a URL so the captions can be viewed in a browser window with customizable display options. 

Can a student schedule their own captioning session?

Yes, this can be accommodated with approval from the university/college coordinator. 

How do we upload/download files?

You can upload preparatory files into the Live Booking Portal for scheduled events.  You will be able to download your transcripts from the Ai-Live portal.  Each consumer will have an Ai-Live portal login where they can view their captioning links, see their schedules, and locate their transcripts. 

How long are files kept on your servers?

The default is one year but this feature is customizable. Please contact your account manager if there’s a preferred storage duration before files are securely deleted. 

Are the captionists/transcriptionists who will be working with this agreement, located in the US?

Ai-Media has captioners located in both the US and Canada. 

Describe your support for additional languages

In addition to English, Ai-Media has captioning resources to provide Spanish captions and French human-delivered captions. All Spanish and French language requests are subject to availability and longer lead times needed. Best practice is a language-to-language workflow (e.g. Spanish audio to Spanish captions). Automated translation languages can also be added upon request. 

Do you have a process for corrections?

Ai-Media provides all raw transcripts from any event or session free of charge. Raw transcripts are available within 24 hours. It is common to do a quick clean-up of the transcript prior to posting. For transcripts that require a full edit against the audio, there are fees for that service and performed by our Recorded Media team.  

How can your team be contacted for technical and administrative support for the services you are providing through this agreement?

Our Services team has recently rolled out full 24/7 coverage! Ai-Media’s Services coordinators are now available around the clock via phone and/or email to provide robust support.  Our Urgent team is available for matters needing action that are happening within 24 hours.  This team can be reached at or by calling 800-335-0911 ext. 7  

Clare Cawley, is your dedicated account manager for any account questions and can be reached 8:00 AM- 5:00 PM ET Monday-Friday. 

How can persons with disabilities who use your services contact you for support?

We are reachable via phone, email, and video platforms such as Zoom and Teams.