Corporate Information:



Joseph De Rocco
Senior Director, Strategic Accounts
JOSEPH.DEROCCO@CIELO24.COM | 1-203-326-1603

Services Offered:

  • Live Captioning (Remote)
  • Post-Production Captioning / Transcription
  • Audio Description

Fee Structure:

Live Captioning (Remote)

ServicePriceLead Time
CART$160 / hr48 hrs
Typewell$125 / hr48 hrs

Live accuracy exceeds 99% subject to environmental constraints with a target latency of less than 5 seconds.

Services for all virtual live captioning events include the provision of a transcript shortly after the completion of the event.

Post-Production Captioning / Transcription

Cielo24 will provide tiered pricing based on usage across all participating entities in the Commonwealth for post-production English captioning and transcription. To encourage adoption across the VHEPC constituency and for additional savings, for the initial two-year term of the agreement, Cielo24 will extend pricing at the most heavily discounted rate ($50,000+ tier) to all participating entities. At the end of the initial term, Cielo24 will aggregate usage to determine the appropriate pricing tier for the subsequent terms. (See the Cielo24 Agreement for the complete tiered pricing levels.)

The following is a list of Cielo24 supported integrations: Kaltura KMS/KAF & KMC, Panopto, Echo360 ESS & ALP, YouTube, mRSS, Kollective/Kontiki, Mediasite, JWPlayer, Brightcove, edX, Vidyard, VoiceThread, Polycom, Wistia, Vimeo, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, Collaborate and others.

Service Level Agreement (SLA) for English Post Production Captioning and File Limits

Submission GuidelinesMaximum Content LengthTotal Number of Daily Hours*
12 Hour Turn Around Time (TAT)1 Hour10 Hours
24 Hour TAT3 Hour50 Hours
48 Hour TATNo Limit80 Hours

*“Total Daily Hours” refers to the total aggregate hours of media submitted within the same 24-hour period for a single billing entity. Submissions in excess of these may impact turnaround time.

English Captioning and Transcription Rates (at the $50,000 + level)

Turn Around Time (TAT)Standard Compliance – English (1)Professional Service – English (2)
12 hr$1.88 / min$3.00 / min
24 hr$1.40 / min$2.52 / min
48 hr$1.20 / min$1.80 / min
168 hrNot Available$1.60 / min
  • (1) Standard Compliance – Our Standard Compliance offering utilizes AI with human editing and returns captions and transcripts for the purpose of disability accommodations, increased accessibility, and enhanced learning outcomes for students. In that respect, it is designed for educators. Content is usually lecture-driven or included in the coursework.
  • (2) Professional/Broadcast – Our Professional Service (Broadcast) adds another human QC review in the workflow and is utilized by customers who are brand sensitive, distribute broadcast-quality content, or who require some type of custom workflow. For educators, this professional level service is employed for marketing videos, student recruitment videos, and for classroom material with an extraordinary amount of technical content.
  • There is no extra charge for difficult audio or technical language such STEM, medical, or legal content.

Additional Post-Production Services (added to per-minute price above)

Type(at the $50,000 + level)
Speaker Identification$0.60 / min
Enhanced Audio Tagging$0.60 / min
Lyric Transcription$0.60 / min

Foreign Language Transcription and Translation Rates

Service(at the $50,000 + level)
Foreign Language Transcription$4.40 / min
Translation$12.80 / min

Audio Description

Service(at the $50,000 + level)
Standard$8.80 / min
Extended$11.20 / min

The Standard AD product utilizes existing gaps in dialogue and audio to provide plot-relevant descriptions of visual elements. 

Extended descriptions allows you to pause the video content in order to make room for description, as needed. This may be available upon request, depending on technological variables, including video player in use on client-side.

Upon completion, the video descriptors are integrated with the audio transcript for screen reader synthesization. Turnaround times can be customized at the point of order and delivery options will vary based on the video player(s) in use. We provide voice synthesis as a narration option, however, voiceovers are not currently offered.

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