Elections have consequences!

Congratulations to our new VHEAP Chair, Lori Kressin (UVA), and Chair Elect, Mark Nichols (VT)! We are very excited about the initiatives that this organization will take under your leadership in the coming years.

Lori Kressin

Lori Kressin, VHEAP Chair

Lori is the Coordinator of Academic Accessibility (COAA) at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, VA. The COAA works with multiple departments and units across the UVA to ensure accessibility for all to the academic experience at UVA, in particular members of the University community with disabilities.

Mark Nichols

Mark Nichols, VHEAP Chair-Elect

Mark is the Senior Director of Universal Design and Accessible Technologies at Virginia Tech University (VT) in Blacksburg, VA. The mission of Universal Design and Accessible Technologies is to promote the use of teaching and learning strategies, communications practices, technologies, and technology standards that enable everyone in the VT university community, regardless of disability status, to learn and work.