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VHEAP’s dedicated accessibility team contracted with Verbit to offer captioning services at a competitive rate for the entire VHEAP organization. Verbit has been providing quality captioning solutions for VHEAP associated schools and institutions since 2018. Getting started with Verbit is quick and simple!


Lindsay Cisar /
Senior Customer Success Manager
Phone: (330)256-5312

Trish Goodyear /
Account Executive
Phone: (412)526-8425

Support: / (800)590-4203

Services Offered:

Fee Structure:

Verbit Pro Captioning- High quality captioning delivered via adapted AI and boosted by human experts Verbit Pro Captioning harnesses the power of artificial and human intelligence to provide a transcription and captioning solution that can reach up to 99% accuracy. 

Verbit Elite Captioning– The need for accuracy, especially in the academic environment, is very important. Verbit Elite Captioning aims for a word error rate of less than 0.5% (99.5% accuracy). We achieve this accuracy rate by using human only fully vetted, professionally trained transcribers, recruited from the most demanding environments. We can assign your content to professionals with experience in the subject matter, and we constantly monitor both the quality and timeliness of each of our transcribers. To ensure the highest quality possible, we also allow users to identify specialized content and submit notes and glossaries to our transcribers. 

Live Captioning (Remote)

Latency4-8 sec4-7 sec
Supported LanguagesUS ENGUS ENG, SP, FR, POR
Booking Time12 h24-48 h
Max Session Time8 hno limit
Recommended Number of SpeakersSeveralSeveral
Cancellation Policy24 h24 h

Pro Live Captioning Services

Advance BookingMedium Volume Pricing
12 hrs$1.59/min
24 hrs$1.37/min
48 hrs$1.25/min
72 hrs$1.13/min

Elite Live Captioning Services

Advance BookingMedium Volume
72 hrs$1.91/min
120 hrs$1.88/min

Always included with Live Captioning

  • Text more closely aligned with audio
  • Automatic scroll features
  • Indication of speaker changes
  • Timestamps at speaker changes
  • Quick transcript search with key terms
  • Transcription support for longer live sessions (up to 8 hours)
  • SOC 2 compliance and security authentication
  • A mobile-friendly experience
  • Text size adjustment using browser functions Email receipt immediately following the session with the transcription file (.txt)
  • There are no additional fees for difficult audio

Post-Production Captioning and Transcription

Spanish and French Captioning: AI + Human Captioning

Pro Level Post-Production Captioning and Transcription

Turnaround Time
(Business Hours)
High Volume
4 hr (30 min max)$2.55/min
8 hr (60 min max)$1.91/min
12 hr$1.59/min
24 hr $1.19/min
48 hr $1.13/min
72 hr$1.09/min
120 hr$1.02/min

Elite Level Post-Production Captioning and Transcription

Turnaround Time
(Business Hours)
Medium Volume
8 hr$3.18/min
24 hr$2.60/min
48 hr$1.89/min
96 hr$1.78/min

Spanish and French Captioning Post-Production Captioning and Transcription

Turnaround Time
(Business Hours)
Medium Volume
24 hr$2.25/min
48 hr$2.05/min
72 hr$1.86/min
96 hr$1.77/min
120 hr$1.68/min

Always included with Post-Production Transcription + Captioning

  • Multiple integrations to deliver captioning files directly for seamless workflows
  • Audience comprehension with tools proven to drive engagement
  • Fast results with captions and transcripts returned quickly
  • Quality options that meet best practices outlined by the FCC, ADA and WCAG 2.0
  • Actionable video & audio with searchable transcripts that improve SEO
  • There are no additional fees for difficult audio
  • Captions and transcripts files each job
  • 20+ integrations
  • 99% accuracy with two human editors
  • Speaker identification
  • Verbit editor tool

Audio Description

StyleMedium Volume
English (Synthetic)$8.93/min
English (Human)$13.95/min
Spanish (Synthetic)$9.78/min
Spanish (Human)$15.15/min

Always included with audio description

  • Concise, objective and accurate descriptions of visual video content
  • Domain expert written scripts, voice and engineering options
  • Standard or extended, human or synthetic voice description available
  • Fully accessible Smart Player for web-based video
  • WCAG 2.1 compliance
  • Dedicated customer support and expert knowledge
  • Best Practices for Audio Description

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Demonstration and Information Session – Jan 13, 2023:

UVA IT Security Review: Low Risk from an Information Security perspective. However, additional sign-off is required from the CIO to use this vendor when Highly Sensitive Data is involved. 

Verbit Agreement Effective November 10, 2022