VZP Digital – Additional Information/ FAQs

If we have an existing contract with you, how do we switch to the new agreement?

We will address that on an individual basis. However, in general, current contracts will end the end of the 2022 calendar year and new pricing which is aligned with the new agreement will start Jan 1, 2023.

Describe the conformance of your online portal/website with Section 508 or WCAG 2.1

We are currently redesigning and re-evaluating our website. If an individual cannot not use the online order form, they can always text or call or call us directly. Understanding that accessibility of our online presence is important, we are engaging with outside guidance to assure we are moving down the proper path. It is our goal that by the end of first quarter 2023, to redesign the ordering portal so that it conforms to current WCAG 2.1 standards.

Do you accept both credit card and purchase order payments?

We can do ACH (preferred method), credit cards, checks, and purchase orders (PO) (net 45 days). Credit card fees are passed on to the client.

How do we set up accounts – both centralized and decentralized?

In essence, you tell us how you would like your accounts setup, and we will work with you to accomplish it to your standards.

How do we schedule work for live captioning?

Clients can use the webform or send a Word or Excel doc with a list of dates via email. Basically we give you latitude to submit an order in a method that works for you. We prefer to set up a process that meets your particular needs.

If possible, we prefer a three to six month lead time for scheduling live captioning events. However, we will accommodate any lead-times, to the best of our ability.

Which video-conference platforms do you integrate with (i.e. Zoom, Teams, etc.)?

We directly integrated with Zoom and in addition, can also feed alternative languages through this integration. VZP REACH (our patented HUMAN or AI platform) has its own portal via a link and pulls up a companion window to display captioning or REAL-TIME translation (AI). Our service is platform agnostic by design. We can deliver captions to any browser capable device.

Can a student schedule their own captioning session?

Anyone can order an event via text or call. We would need a list of who is authorized to order, and they will need to have a current PO for payment.

How do we upload/download files?

Clients can drag and drop video/audio files via the online line order form. We offer an unlimited size and number of files can be uploaded. Supporting files for scheduled events (i.e. scripts, terms, rosters, etc.) requiring our live captioning services can be sent through the order form or emailed.

How long are files kept on your servers?

30 days max. Clients can request that files are deleted immediately after the event.

Are the captionists/transcriptionists who will be working with this agreement, located in the US?

Yes. However, we do have international captionists but they would work with international events or domestic events with an international scope.

Describe your support for additional languages

VZP Digital provides language services for almost any language, both in REAL-TIME, and in pre-recorded content.  Whether you are seeking a translated transcript,  or REAL-TIME subtitles,  our VZP-REACH platform enables students and faculty, to select their own language for CART viewing.  Whatever you are seeking for translation using humans, or using artificial intelligence/machine translation, VZP has your solution.

Do you have a process for corrections?

Contact us directly via email, text, or call. If the mistake is our fault, the correction will be made without charge and files are usually ready within 24 hrs. If you make a change to the media, there may be a modest fee and a slightly longer turnaround time.

How are audio descriptions provided?

We can use synthesized speech or human actors depending on the service you need. The resulting file can be embedded within the video or produced as a separate file. We can also add multiple tracks as an option. Audio description processes are more involved, so it take more time. A three minute piece could have a turnaround time of 5-7 days, and a 1-2hr piece could be 10-15 days.

How can your team be contacted for technical and administrative support for the services you are providing through this agreement?

For non-critcal type situations, email support@vzpdigital.com . For support when the situation is critical, use our Slack channel or place a phone call our the main number.

How can persons with disabilities who use your services contact you for support?

The person can use the chat function in Zoom to contact the captionist directly or they can use our Slack channel.