Cielo24 – Additional Information / FAQs

If we have an existing contract with you, how do we switch to the new agreement?

We will create an internal amendment to the original contract that will align with the VHEAP Initiative agreement for the duration of the existing contract. We can also restart the term using the new agreement.

Describe the conformance of your online portal/website with Section 508 or WCAG 2.1

Some sections of our online presence meet the standards. Currently using AccessiBe and AudioEye

<Nicole will add information and plans>

Do you accept both credit card and purchase order payments?


How do we set up accounts – both centralized and decentralized?

To make account creation for your group as easy as possible, we can set up a branded landing page for you, customized to the services offered for your group and include account creation. Specific links to your content can be added to this page to provide guidance and other information pertaining to your institution/agency.

We are very flexible with account setup. Using a structure that includes a master account with sub-accounts, and even sub-sub-accounts, we should be able to meet whatever needs you have. Prior to your account going live, an activation form will be sent to the billing point of contact to assure we are setup correctly and offering the appropriate services.

How do we schedule work for live captioning?

Through the portfolio management console by selecting the Real-Time tab. We would like at least 48 hrs lead-time for scheduling purposes.

Which video-conference platforms do you integrate with (i.e. Zoom, Teams, etc.)?

We integrate with a wide variety of platforms and services and will be happy to discuss these options with you. Popular integrations via API or other means include Kaltura, Panopto, Canvas, etc.

Can a student schedule their own captioning session?

Only if they have permission. We can work with you to set up a solution if you are interested in this type of scheduling is a priority for you.

How do we upload/download files?

Directly through integrations or through the portfolio console.

How long are files kept on your servers?

Duration of your agreement term and 6-12 months after that. If you need to have us delete files earlier or keep them longer, you can submit a service ticket to have this happen. There will be a fee for extended storage.

We can also arrange for immediate deletion after the event.

Are the captionists/transcriptionists who will be working with this agreement, located in the US?

90%-95% of our captionist are located in the US. Because we are a cloud based service, we don’t always know where our captionists are located. We may have a captionist who is a US citizen captioning while temporarily residing in Canada.

If there is a concern, we can create a pool of domestic-based captionists that will be drawn from.

Describe your support for additional languages

We have 31 languages readily available and can find others as needed. Foreign transcription is a different rate and costs are incurred for each specific language. These are all human-based transcripts with commonly a 48 hr TAT. Translation is a different rate.

Do you have a process for corrections?

Through our QA process, we will work through the media until no additional corrections can be made from our end.

Course glossaries are helpful for post-production work. Sharing information with the transcriber prior to the live event is also very helpful

How are audio descriptions provided?

We support both standard and extended descriptions, however, a video player supporting these services is required to play the descriptions.

We can provide you a text file, audio file, a full audio file.

We use synthesized speech and in some cases, human actors depending on your needs. Voice talent is roughly $300-$400/hr. We are working on a process that includes pauses and helping content providers to provide media with audio description

How can your team be contacted for technical and administrative support for the services you are providing through this agreement?


Place URGENT in the subject line if this is an urgent request. You can also reach out to the account rep for additional info.

How can persons with disabilities who use your services contact you for support?