Corporate Information:

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For anyone who is deaf or hard of hearing, it’s challenging to fully participate in the verbal communications taking place every minute of every day. Live captioning provides access to spoken dialogue displayed on a screen and delivered in real-time.

We use real people, not computers to convert speech into text to ensure the text matches what’s being said. This all takes place using the internet to stream the words live to laptops, tablets and smartphones. Ai-Live provides access and inclusion anytime, anywhere.


Clare Cawley
Key Account Manager 
+1-800-335-0911       Ext 715
Hours: M-F 8AM (ET) - 5PM (ET)

Coordinators-Booking Requests/Modifications/Cancellations:
Response time within one full business day/24 hrs.)
Hours: M-F 8AM (ET) - 5PM (ET)

Urgent Team:
800-335-0911 Ext 7
Use for all things 48 hrs and under. Most issues should be handled within 15 minutes. Available 24 hrs.

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Services Offered:

A recording of Ai-Media’s demonstration and information session on Jan 11, 2023 is located at the bottom of this page. This recording includes professional captioning, and ASL interpretation.

Fee Structure:

Live Captioning (Remote)

Live Captioning (Remote) / CART – remote individual class or meeting (English) for URL caption delivery (i.e. Ai-Live, Streamtext)$89per hr

To assist with the Live Booking Portal: Booking Engine User Guide

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  • No additional fee for night/weekend/holidays services
  • +$25/hour per language for live captioning translation
  • No surcharge for medical/legal/STEM
  • 1 hour minimum billed in 30-minute increments thereafter
  • 24-hour cancellation policy
  • Any caption delivery that requires a dual connection, a connection to an encoder,commencements, and sporting events is subject to add-on fees and to be priced ona case-by-case basis.
  • Add-on options for Commencement/Graduation ceremonies:
    • If scripting required – add one (1) hour of billable time
    • If names required – add one (1) hour of billable time

Ai-Media provides all raw transcripts from any event or session free of charge. It is common to do a quick clean-up of the transcript prior to posting. For transcripts that require a full edit against the audio, there are fees for that service and performed by our Recorded Media team.

Post-Production Captioning and Transcription

Post-production captioning/transcription (3 to 4-day Turn Around Time – TAT)$2per min
Post-production captioning/transcription (2-day TAT)$3per min
Post-production captioning/transcription (1-day TAT)$4per min

Clients will be placing request through an online Ai-Recorded portal.

Additional Information and FAQ

More Information:

In addition to English, Ai-Media has captioning resources to provide Spanish captions and, to a lesser extent, French captions. All Spanish and French language requests are subject to availability and longer lead times needed. Best practice is a language-to-language workflow (e.g. Spanish audio to Spanish captions). Ai-Media also utilizes machine language translations as a budget friendly option to increase accessibility.

Demonstration and Information Session – Jan 11, 2023

UVA IT Security Review: High Risk with HSD (Using this vendor when Highly Sensitive Data is involved requires additional from the CIO and COO. Use with Sensitive Data and below is approved.)

Ai-Media Agreement Effective October 17, 2022