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Corporate Information:

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John J. Rein | johnr@vzpcc.com
VP – Sales & Client Relations
(303) 378-3794

Main Office: (720) 482-4012

Support: schedule@vzpdigital.com

Services Offered:

  • Live Captioning (Remote)
  • Post-Production Captioning (referenced here as “Offline Captioning”)
  • Audio Description

Fee Structure:

ServiceEvent MinimumHourly RatePer/Min Rate
Live Captioning (Human)30 min$100$1.67
Live Captioning (ASR using AI VZP Reach) Not part of the RFP but included in agreement15 min$83$1.38
Offline Captioning (Post-Production)30 min$92$1.53
Transcription (Post-Production)30 min$87$1.45
Audio Descriptions (Synthesized speech or human actors)60 min$1,020 – $1,680$17 -$28

More Information:

Live Captioning

  • Emergency Captioning Hourly Rate (less than 24-hour notice) – $130.00  Minimum 1 hour
  • Emergency Standby Captioning Hourly Rate – $95.00
  • After the initial 30 minute minimum is met, rates are charged at 15 minute increments
  • The captionist will check in 15 minutes prior to the start of an event
  • There is no additional charge for STEM or other technical content

Offline Services: (Postproduction/not-live)

  • Additional file formats – scc, srt, vtt, etc. – $25
  • Additional charges may apply for:
    • poor audio quality
    • inaudible feeds
    • thick accents
  • Please note offline/transcription Rush Jobs (less than 24 hours turn around) are double the rate for each respective agreement, as well as having no contract.
  • Transcripts:
    • Quick Touch – Labeling, Formatting (This is formatting of raw transcript, not perfected) – $10 in addition to hourly rate
    • Perfected – Labeling, Formatting (66% of REAL-TIME/LIVE (A/I) – rate **A/I – Artificial Intelligence, all captioning provided by automated speech recognition (ASR).

Additional Information and FAQs

Demonstration and Information Session: Jan 10, 2023

UVA IT Security Review: High Risk with HSD (Using this vendor when Highly Sensitive Data is involved requires sign-off from the CIO and COO. Use with Sensitive Data and below is approved.)

VZP Digital Agreement Effective September 30, 2022